Saturday, May 23, 2009

LOL has competition

As I was laying in bed this morning, awake but definitely not ready to get up and be cook, maid, helper to my kids, I recalled an incident with a coworker from yesterday. Our group IMs a lot which can be good and a little annoying. In meetings it's great - we can relay back messages that the speaker can't here - OMG, LOL, takes me back to the times of frantically scribbling notes to friends in class while the teacher was writing on the blackboard (do most schools even use blackboards anymore?)

And then there are times when an IM can go on and on with one person and each one is trying to say something funny so the other person can respond with the much loved LOL. There are times when I really am LOL, which actually makes me chuckle more as it's just so funny to me that I'm typing how I'm feeling to someone - gone are the days of actually hearing that LOL. But, what about the times when the joke or statement doesn't really make me LOL? I'm not typically a big laugher - I do a lot of inner this is what I came up with this morning - LILI...Love It Laughing Inside. So I'm acknowledging the funny...I really do love it and I had an inside laugh it was that good...not laughing out loud great...but pretty good. 

I'm not sure how to get it out there in public domain - do I trademark it first, register it as a new product...when do my royalties kick in? Well, until then, please feel free to LILI all you want. And if I LILI you, know that I really do love it, and I'm having a great laugh...inside.

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