Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Packaged goods

There's nothing like a good box of mac and cheese (organic thank you very much) to really help a dinner on a night that's gotten the best of you. So simple and yet, so rewarding for the kids. They eat it, they want seconds, they're satisfied. The frustrating part is that they'll eat this with no comment, much like they'll eat some amazing meal I cooked up. Their cute little palettes are clueless to whether I cook from a box, or cook my ass off!

Luckily I get enjoyment out of cooking for them and eating a great meal that we enjoy around the table. But tonight - thank you for processed foods!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shake your maraca

There's nothing better than watching someone just dance for the love of dancing! Saturday night found us at a friend's surprise birthday party at this great bar - Edgewater Tavern. I love finding a new bar that has the perfect mix of dive bar (with the old regulars who have a look like - don't think about taking my seat) and nice neighborhood bar where you could maybe take the kids for an early dinner of fried food. As we walked to the back room I could hear some cajun/blues music drifting in...and there they were right out back in this great little courtyard. A band of 10, the piano player was a 12 yr. old boy, and the trumpet player had to be reaching his 70s. Now, this trumpet player actually played 2 trumpets at the same time...pretty amazing! 

Anyway - the drinks were flowing and it was just a great vibe all around - really good friends who are easy to hang out with and there's nothing going on except enjoying the music and gorgeous Chicago summer night. 

Then, the dancing started...and our friends mother-in-law got up, grabbed a maraca and started dancing her heart out...the maraca was keeping time with the band, and she was just so happy. Now - here's the thing...she was obviously an older woman, a little on the heavy side, and pretty drunk. Her dancing wasn't that great, and the maraca didn't stay in time with the band for too long. But she didn't care, her daughters didn't care, her husband was looking on lovingly...and we were all standing around enjoying the music. 

So here's the thing - I found myself thinking of how I would handle this situation if my parents got up and started dancing like that. I may be a little too sensitive as my parents have definitely had a knack of embarrassing me. But it hit me that night - who really cares what anyone else is thinking!!! That woman was having an amazing time and everyone was loving it. I want to live like that - supporting my loved ones - no matter how they look or act. I think I do most of the time and it was just a great reminder of how to be!

Plus - I also know that I'll probably do a ton of things to embarrass my kids - I can only hope they support me in all that I do!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Back

Hello, hello dear friends!

I can't believe I haven't written anything for almost a month. I've had many times I've wanted to write something and then just didn't...and I think it's because at the end of the day, when I have time to write, I just want to do nothing - it's my lazy bone...or rather my god damn (scuse the language!) back bone. This back is just taking so much energy that by the end of the day I really can't do anything except lay down and wait for the pain to go away...

And then...my amazingingly spiritually connected mom started asking her friends if there was anything I could do...lots of responses and I just didn't do any of them - I've been stuck in my going to the physical therapist, follow up with dr. routine. And, to be honest, I just didn't want to try anything else...

But then today my mom sent me an email from a friend, Debbie, that has given me some tangible things to do. My back issue is in the L4 and L5 discs. Well, the information that Debbie passed on is so amazingly spot on that I have to do something. Like, this piece about the L4:
Difficulty, attachment, or holding back on the ability to create action that is compatible with what has already been set into motion. Need to have a willingness to respond to conditions as they exist.

Yes, yes - that resonated with me so much. And then it went onto what action to take:
Make a list of conditions as they exist in your life today. Make another list of what you desire in your life. Every day for the next year, produce action toward what you desire and that which will give you fulfillment.

Basically - get my ass in gear and make it happen - I've already started the ball moving and if I don't keep up with what I've set in motion (which I have) then my body will react (which it did)!

Anyway - you can guess that I'm thrilled and this little message got my off my ass to start back up blogging. So I'm back and will continue sharing my journey with you.

Hopefully those who were reading this blog have hung in there - thank you!!!