Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flipper revisited

First of all...I have so many fun things to write about and, I'm sure you all know what this feels like, by the end of the day, when I have a few minutes to spare (that is when I'm not writing this during a meeting, ahem...), I've either forgotten my funny, amazing thought, or I've overthought my thought and don't write anything down! I listen to the musak, waiting for my meeting to start - I'm giving you a few minutes.

Did this happen to you in your earlier years...when I was about 5, I was staying with my nanna and granda and there was a movie on tv...Flipper. Now, this was huge for us - as back in England at that time there were only 3 channels - one of which was mostly news. So a movie was a total treat! Anyway - Flipper is, as I recall to the best of my memory (which is saying a lot as these days I really can't remember what I watched on tv last night), about a dolphin who is taken care of by people in this lagoon. Finally, Flipper needs to go off on his own, back to his peeps, and swim the ocean blue. 

Well - I just loved Flipper and I'm sure had dreams of taking care of a dolphin - wondering how she would fit into the tub. So when, in the movie, Flipper had to leave his human family - I lost it...I mean I really lost it. Uncontrollable crying, no consoling would help, promises of chocolate went unheard...I was a mess. No Flipper - don't go, don't leave us, you're not ready. I was so sad about Flipper and it's become one of those stories that is retold at least once a year, when your parents reminisce about how cute and emotional you were - probably to remind me that cute is still good, but uncontrollable crying is something I should have handled at some point.

It's a vivid memory I'll never forget. So...last week, I recorded a movie for the kids to watch - Miracle Dogs Too. Great theme - dogs that make people feel better, a little drama - mean, or as my son said, inappropriate, teenagers stealing the dogs, but all ends well - dogs get home and new miracle puppies arrive on the scene. So as my tvsitter took over, I was in the kitchen discussing something with husband...and you know discussing is a nice word for quietly arguing. All of a sudden, we hear huge sobs from our daughter, with the words - Captain Pete's going to die - gulping out in between these huge tears. As I started saying things like - honey, it's not real, it's just a movie, Captain Pete's not going to die...I remembered my Flipper and how real he was. 

I switched and started saying - he's a star in the sky watching over us, the miracle dogs made sure he felt ok...and I was there with her - in her sad moment. I tell ya, it was intense! And I just couldn't believe that here I am, helping my little babe get through a little moment that I had over 30 some years ago. 

If/when your moment comes when you get to sit with your little one and help them just remember how real it is for them. Then, after you have helped your child through it - grab a glass of wine and remember the time when you cried over something that felt so real...Flipper why did you leave me...and know that everything is ok.