Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another day gone!

Hello all. So I'm realizing I want to write more on this blog! And it's on the top of my list at the beginning of the day...and, as I'm sure many of you deal with...the day is suddenly gone and half the things that you wanted to do, you didn't! How does that happen - that each day goes so quickly, and then all of a sudden, the summer is over, and it's fall, and then the leaves are on the ground and winter's here. Before I know it, a year has passed and I have that suspicious feeling that half of what I intended to do, I didn't!

Well - I won't say that I'll write here more, because...well, just because. What I will say is that I am starting to be aware of the things I want to spend time on each day. And right now, that includes blogging. I feel a big change coming on. There is some good mojo around me - I'm determined to get my back sorted out, and over the last few days I've got some amazing clarity around my passion and next career move. It's very exciting. I'm sure you've had those moments of knowingness...when you know you're on the edge of something huge, something different. And even though it's scary, for me, it's almost a relief. It's like I can take a breath and realize that I'm ready. 

If you feel stuck - know that unstuckness will happen. And if you're unstuck - Enjoy the feeling and momentum...and tell me how to stay there! 

Ps - went to an amazing sushi place for dinner tonight - Tanoshi in Andersonville - get Mike's special - you won't be sorry!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Waterfalls a plenty

Yesterday someone told me something that really stuck with me...I know, it's only been a day...but by now you know me, right? Anyway - it was about having bad, sad, depressing, thoughts - you get the idea. In this theory, having any kind of bad thought is just not good (the monks say it is so, so be it!). So if I wake up and think, oh man another day of work, or if I get down on anything - it's just not good. I'm sure most of you think that too - bad thoughts really don't get you anywhere. The thing is, even though I know it, sometimes those negative thoughts are really hard to give up, not have, let go, etc. 

So this idea is that when you have a bad thought, you imagine a waterfall and just standing under it, washing away the bad thought. Hokey, maybe, but today it really worked for me. I stood under a number of waterfalls today! The minute I thought of one, the bad thought really did go away and I felt a little calmer and happier.

For what it's worth, I wanted to share this as I'm always ready to learn a new way to stay in the moment, not get bummed out, and just be happy! Enjoy your waterfall!