Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One less task a day

Do you ever wonder how we fit in all the tasks that need to be done in one single day? I've decided not to think about it anymore - I'm going to give that saying, ignorance is bliss, a shot! I don't want to get more organized (papers on top of the fridge will just have to stay...and those random photo booth shots from the Village tap taken years ago), I don't want to go through the basement and clean it out (although looking at the maternity clothes I wore and thinking they weren't so bad was kind of fun...patterns and pregnancy don't mix!), I don't want to plan out my dinners (even though I know it's easier), I don't want to enforce bed times (I know, I should), I don't want to pick up pieces of food from the floor, the couch, the bed, and on and on! I would love everything to just be handled - I need a Mary Poppins to come in and sing a song and make everything magically clean and in it's proper place.

Don't worry, I'm not about to run out of the house naked screaming, I can't take it anymore! I won't even run naked in the house (that's a little too real for our nanny!). I actually am excited to give up being in control of everything. To know that all will work out...what a sigh of relief. I can actually feel the weight leaving my back.

We'll see how long this lasts! And for all you out there reading, do one less task - as long as it's not really important - like filling up the gas tank, or brushing your teeth (for some reason, dental hygiene just came into my mind...need to make a dentist appt.). I think it might be fun!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Margaritas + Target = fun

What a whirlwind weekend. Luckily my hubby and I got a break and had an early dinner at a local restaurant - Agave Grill. By early, if we were senior citizens, we would certainly have qualified for the early bird discount! This place has the most amazing margaritas - served in a martini glass. I had the hacienda which is a gorgeous blend of tequila, some other stuff, and pomegranate juice - yum! After two cocktails and appetizers we still had a few hours to play with before we headed home. We told our sitter we'd be home by 8ish as she wanted to go out with a friend. So we had the task of timing our return home not too early so the kids would already be in bed! I mean, if we're having a sitter, part of the fun is getting out of bedtime routine - no book reading for me tonight.

Oh and let me just add that we were both and the never-ending pain in my butt (getting a shot on Tuesday so will let you know how that goes), and hubby who had been cleaning out the basement, taking kids to t-ball, and on and on. So where to spend the next few hours. The first exciting task - car wash - what fun! Although I have to say I love the smell of a newly cleaned car, as well as the view of the back seat that's clear of pretzels, books, and tiny pieces of a star wars lego set. Ahhh - clean - so soothing. I didn't even mind that as soon as we pulled out of the car wash that it started raining - for the next few hours, nothing could touch the clean, sparkly inside.

So, what would be our next exciting event? Target!! And not on my husband wanted to go to get a new fan - we've been talking about a fan for ages, so who was I to get in the way of his dream. Now, I'm sure most of you have been cast under the spell of Target at some point in your know, where you go in with the intention of buying one item, and come out with 10! It's like a Target concussion - you can't remember a thing that happened in the store - and only awaken after you've put your credit card in the machine and signed your name!

Well - I've never seen it before, buy my husband fell to the Target spell. He wanted to buy everything - from special camping forks for making smores (ok we bought those), to a gameboy for our son...which shows how out of the loop we are as gameboys aren't even sold anymore. The best was when he actually tried a skateboarding helmet on in the hopes it would look cooler than his bike helmet - thank god I was there to coax him out of buying it and a number of other things.

Overall, the damage wasn't too bad...and we did get a new fan! We arrived home, the kids were in bed, and we were determined to stay up for SNL...didn't happen...after all, after a crazy night of margaritas, car wash, and Target, we need our rest!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who am I to Judge!

I was at a baby shower this morning and have to share. The mom-to-be is going to use cloth diapers - I don't know why this seems so crazy to me! Now, I know in theory, this is a wonderful thing, right? All natural, all clean, no chemicals. When one tiny, turquoise diaper was passed around, I thought to myself (well, actually said to my friend), well, if I had to wear a depends-like garment at some stage in my life, I would like this fuzzy bunny brand (in an XXL)! I mean, the cloth was so soft, and, as more tiny diapers were passed around, I saw an endless array of hip designs that were quite appealing! This comment led to, of course, a discussion about the possible company you could start...manufacturing all natural depends products for the baby boomer generation. Then another friend chimed in with a story about a woman she met who actually made adult-size diapers for people who are into dressing up like babies (that's a whole other story).

My point was that I remember how exhausted I was with my first baby that the idea of having to wash and clean diapers would just about do me in. Wiping the poop off, putting special stuff in the laundry, on and on. I am a true lazy ass at heart so I just couldn't do it. So it's always amazing to me when I know people that are doing things differently and are so excited about something that would make me cringe. Part of me wants to say, what the heck are you doing, are you crazy, do you know how tired you're going to be!!! Then I get to remember that I really don't know much of anything, so who am I to judge! And really, cloth diapers have been done for ages so I know all will be good. 

Now, onto my million dollar scheme of cloth depends for the older generation!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life Lessons - good and bad

It's so wonderful that there are so many people on this planet that I can watch and learn from - lessons in oh no, don't do that...and on the opposite side - ooohhh yes, do that!

Here's my what not to do example - at the Cubs game on Monday night...sitting in the bleachers, which, by the way, is like hitting jackpot when it comes to people watching. And who am I kidding...all I really do at the game is watch people! Don't ask me what the score is - oh I'll stand and cheer, but I don't have a clue as to what's really happening down there by the ivy. Now, the people - that's where I can tell you what's going on all around me. So...never, ever do this. If someone tells you you have something on the end of your nose - don't flick it into the crowd! Disgusting beyond words. This drunk guy just couldn't help himself...he was so above and beyond funny drunk that even his friends were avoiding him...I'm actually getting a little sick just writing this! My point is though - good life lesson on what not to do!

OK - now to what I want to do more of. We were at a wedding this past weekend for one of our past babysitters. It was in Louisville, KY and both kids were in the wedding, so they had a blast. For me, I got a good reminder to live in the present moment. The bride was so alive with energy and happiness and was really embracing everything about the day. Now, I know in my real life, every day is not a wedding. And yet, I got to remember that I can slow down and take time to really be present with the kids, husband, friends. And remember that everything works out and not to get bogged down with worrying about things that haven't happened yet!! So I want more of that in my life - more living in the moment. Take a look around your life and look for those reminders on what to do more of...and don't, no matter what, flick anything into a crowd!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Strep no more

I'm here! My GNO seemed like my last social event before the strep bug broke loose in our house. Needless to say these past days have been a mix of taking meds, making the kids take meds, and just making it through the day. The entire house had strep and we've all been in hiding since last Thursday. I won't bore you with the pain of strep, or the extreme cabin fever with the kids (the endless creations of marble runs, playing game after game of restaurant - which happens to only serve eggs, or the wonderful 'no you didn't, yes I did, no you didn't, yes I did' screaming matches).

All that matters is we're back to our wonderful healthy selves (minus the never ending pain in my butt).

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Girls night out! Woohoo! Party! Late night! Rock on! Well, not exactly. Picture six fabulous women meeting at a great local byob, drinking yummy wine, eating yummy pizza, and chatting about anything. What I love about a good GNO is that we can have serious conversations and lay our stuff on the table, and then, in a matter of moments, be laughing hysterically at something (crying lady imitation, anyone?). I love just being able to connect and be away from all the stuff we all, as moms, have to do on a daily basis. Ah, the bliss of leaving the house while the Wiggles are singing Wake Up Jeff!

Now, to get us all together, on the same night, at the right time, is no small task - we're all busy, we have to set up a babysitter, or make sure the husband gets home in time. And I'm sure most of us still got the kids dinners ready, or maybe even put the kids to bed! Although it takes an effort, it's so worth it. So, my tip for the day is this...take time for yourself to keep up with your's so easy to make up excuses - but you'll be so much happier and revived when you take the time to get out and keep the connections in your life alive.