Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My chocolate stash

As I sit here unable to button the top of my shorts (ok, the button is missing and I'm too busy/lazy to put a new on one, but you get the picture) and admire my belly (I hate the term mufffin top - what an awful name. I don't want my gut to be compared to the most yummy part of a muffin. A gut has little yumminess about it and shouldn't detract from the joy of eating muffins), I wonder how I got here. And the only word that sums it up is chocolate. Well, english chocolate to be more precise. Ok, if I'm coming honest here, the english chocolate that my cousin brought over with him, and I should be sharing with the family but can't seem to give it up stash.  There's something so good about cadbury's and curly wurlys and smarties that all rationale goes out the window. A bar for a mid-morning snack, why not? A curly wurly after lunch (which consisted of a salad in the hopes of eating healthy), of course! 

I've come to the conclusion that I just have to eat it all as soon as possible so I can go back to my normal life of eating candy and chocolate...just not All...The...Time. And, I know I should share, I do...I teach my kids about sharing, I've done a good job teaching my husband to share the meal he orders (just one more bite)...and yet this awful cloud comes over me when it comes to english chocolate. All I know to be good and true is thrown at the wayside as I covet my chocolate stash with a vengeance.

So...for anyone who'll come over to my house in the next few days, please ignore my gut, my soon to appear acne, and my hovering as I make sure you don't go into the office, look on the top shelf, find the for your life. Or maybe I just want to be caught!

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