Thursday, May 21, 2009

friend or foe?

How do you navigate your kids kids are 5 and 7 and already I'm dealing with the talk of she's my best friend, then the next day, she won't talk to me, getting invited to a party, them being told they weren't really supposed to be invited...My heart breaks to see my kids already dealing with the ups and downs of figuring out who they are and how friends play into the scheme of their life. 

I have no idea what to say to help them. I comfort my kids, while secretly wanting to go kick some butt in the playground.  How can you tell your kids that they may not even know these same people that they're giving all this power to. How do you say, hey, you're only 5 - best friends are not set in stone.  How do I stop myself from picking up the phone and telling someone's mom - your daughter is being mean (don't worry, I won't!)

Life is so ridiculous and as my goal is to take life less seriously, I'm wanting my kids to figure it out a lot sooner than me.  Honestly, thank goodness for silly shows like SYTYCD so we can sit together and just laugh, cry (hey, it was an emotional dance with an umbrella - you'd cry too if you saw it) and dance at the end of the day. 

What do you all do to help your kids deal with the lovely nuances of life?

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